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Stroud Vintage's Media Mashup

2016 was a great year for Stroud Vintage. We seemed to be firmly in the media’s eye throughout the year, so here’s a little recap.

David filmed an episode of Channel 4s ‘Four Rooms’ TV show at Pinewood Studios in February, which was broadcast on October 25th.

During the Summer Nick Turner shot footage featuring the shop and our assistant Ella for inclusion in Stroud District Council’s 2017 Promotional Film. The red carpet premiere is in February during Stroud’s Film Festival. Apparently we are the face of Stroud’s retail…

Paddy O’Connell dropped in at the beginning of November to record Time’s David for a BBC Radio Four show called ‘Travels with Bob’ broadcast on December 18th to great acclaim. The Stroud feature highlighted the rise of the Independent traders in Stroud’s High Street. And most of us were incredibly buoyant about the way things are moving. Eleven hundred years of wool trading must have left us with a few good ideas…

And it continues into 2017.

Cahoots Film are shooting a couple of scenes for a forthcoming thriller movie in the shop during the beginning of January. We will keep you posted.

Plus, Can Greenfield’s ‘Good Old Fashioned Christmas’ video is up for a nomination for Stroud Community’s Best Christmas Video category. (please support him with a vote if you can…)

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