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We must be doing something right...

To recieve an unexpected accolade is one of those delightful moments in time when you realise that maybe, just maybe you're doing something right!

A couple of weekends ago we were included in the 50 Best British Vintage Boutiques feature by The Sunday Telegraph Magazine. There were just a handful of us included from the South West, so we are honoured to be amongst their number.

We began our vintage life in Stroud over a decade ago when we started our Stroud Vintage Fairs (also running them in Oxford) until the Stroud shop became our priority.

We left the world of Vintage Fairs on a high - with Vogue and many other publications featuring us and giving us a big thumbs up!

But Time After Time is where our heart and passion lies. With two busy floors to run and an ever changing variety of stock to administer, we are constantly on the move. We hand-pick each and every piece (including the buttons...) to make sure we have the best of everything we can find. We follow the seasons, the High Street (where colours and shapes are concerned) and, most of all, our hearts.

Time After Time is a feast for the senses. Once you settle down in the riot of colour and pieces on show it becomes clear that there is meticulous order in the apparent chaos. We pare back as much as possible - our jewellery is contained in their own display cabinets, mirrors hang, garment colours are coordinated and we separate the girls from the boys (mostly) with a dedicated mens' department on the spacious upper floor.

If we could find space for a roof garden, we would have one. Big Biba was a big influence...

So that's it for the moment. Thanks to all of you who drop by to see us. If you're in town, stop by and say 'hi'.

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