Time's Stress Free Christmas Tips

December 11, 2016



Ten Stress Free Christmas Tips


So - where to begin? Here are a few ideas here to help you enjoy a stress-free few weeks (as far as your Vintage Christmas is concerned in any case….) 


Just a handful of tips - you’ll come up with a hundred more, I’m sure… 


Take time to ponder ways to cut stress, save money and tame over-the-top traditions. Setting simplicity strategies in place early on will keep you from being swept up in the holiday madness.


So, here are ten Time After Time Tips that could help… (please don’t read any further if you are of a romantic and nostalgic disposition…)


1.) Prune the to-do list. Ask, “If I don’t do this, what will happen?” Aim to knock down the list of chores to the rock-bottom necessity.


2.) Cut the gift list. Rein in gift exchanges that have been outgrown or lost their meaning. Limit gifts to children only, draw names, or organise a Secret Santa gift exchange.


3.) Wrap as you go. Who needs to spend Christmas Eve catching up on wrapping chores? Sticky notes will help you keep track of gift contents.


4.) Buy, don’t bake. Turn your back on the oven this year. Supermarkets, bakeries and the freezer department of the discount warehouse are a great source for delicious, pre-baked holiday treats.


5.) Reach out and touch someone with recycled or hand-made cards (we have some beauties at Time After TIme) Online greeting cards are a good last minute alternative - easy, inexpensive and fun to send!